Bash Profile

I haven’t seen this explained online in a non-engineer way online, so will do my best for future-Danny and anyone else landing here.

The problem

So, you find yourself typing the same commands into Terminal over and over again? I used to, too. Here’s an example:

To navigate to my personal site’s local folder, I’d manually type:

cd ~/Projects/

That would almost always be followed up by the command to start the local Jekyll server to preview changes to that site:

bundle exec jekyll serve

A bit painful.

The fix

You can shorten these commands into whatever you like. M shortcuts for the above are me and jek, respectively.

To do this, open Terminal and type nano .bash_profile. This should open (and create, if you haven’t done this before) the .bash_profile inside of Terminal.

Here’s what mine looks like, with shortcuts already made at the bottom:

Go ahead and copy that syntax. As a refresher:

alias your-shortcut-name="whatever-you're-shortening"

I’ve also added an application shortcut for Atom, which you can see in the above two screenshots as:

alias atom="open -a 'Atom'"

That means if I want to edit my .bash_profile in the future, I can type atom .bash_profile instead of nano .bash_profile and have a slightly nicer experience:

Other people at Kickstarter have a crazy amount of (sometimes questionable) shortcuts (like gc for git commit). It’s all up to you.

This whole ‘bash’ thing

This is where I’d defer to an engineer to explain. I’ll do my best to summarise: Think of this .bash_profile as an invisible file that customises your bash setup. One of the things we customised was shortcuts. You can other things about your bash such as colours.

Shout out to Stephanie Coleman who taught me all of this, the right way.